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Course Objectives Requirements Reading Schedule Suggested Readings

I. Beowulf and The Warrior Epic

Jan 25

Writing in class. Identification assignment

Jan 27

Introductions. Topic I -- The Middle Ages, pp 1-14. The Old English period, backgrounds. In-class reading of "The Wanderer," pp 68-70. Presentation of preliminary findings on identifications. Read Bede and "Caedmon's Hymn, " pp 16-18.

Lab: intro to e-mail, Web browsing. Send e-mail to both professors.

Feb 1

More fun with Anglo-Saxon. Read "Dream of the Rood," pp 19-21. Begin reading Beowulf, pp 21-67. Beowulf group assignment.

Feb 3

Complete discussions of early Anglo-Saxon works. Begin discussion of Beowulf. Beowulf oral presentations in class. Hand in identification essays with MLA-style citations and Works Cited list (1-2 pp).

Lab: Web searching. HTML lesson using WORD. Production of class page of sources. Demos of HTML Assistant Pro and WORD. HTML tutorial.

Begin work on Beowulf multimedia projects. Intro to Web board.

Feb 8

Continue discussion of Beowulf.

Feb 10

Complete Beowulf.

Lab: HTML review. Work on Beowulf multimedia projects: show work in progress for feedback

Feb 17

No class.

Feb 19

Test on Beowulf, OE poetry

Lab: Demos of completed Beowulf projects. Final edited drafts (HTML disk with hard copy) handed in.

II. Chaucer and the Comic Vision

Feb 22

The Middle English period, backgrounds, pp. 76-79
The Canterbury Tales, pp 79-81.
Backgrounds on Chaucer. Begin "General Prologue," pp 81-101.
Oral reading exercise.

Site-search assignment: Find 3-5 sites on Web relating to medieval women, knighthood, medieval manuscripts, a character from Chaucer (GP, Wife of Bath) or the Arthurian legend. Print out sites with a brief (3-page) analysis of which sites are most useful and why. Site-search assignment due in hard copy March 1. Prepare to present in lab Feb 24.

Feb 24

The Canterbury Tales, "General Prologue," pp. 81-101.

Lab: Site-search reports (oral). HTML extras, including backgrounds, sizing images, making tables. Paint Shop Pro lesson. Use PSP to create an image map. Select art work related to themes discussed in class. Start work on image analysis.

March 1

Complete The Canterbury Tales, "General Prologue," pp. 81-101.

Begin "The Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale," pp. 117-143.

Discussion of character analysis. Hand in site-search essays with sample print-out from sites under discussion.

March 3

Continue "Wife of Bath's Prologue and Tale." Select character from Chaucer or the Arthur legends and draft monologue.

Lab: Preview image analysis project. Complete image analysis. Demo WaveStudio. Practice session of sound recording of monologues.

Demo of "The Wife of Bath's Prologue" and Chaucer on CD-ROM

III. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

March 8

Compare "The Wife of Bath's Tale" and "The Wedding of Sir Gawain and Dame Ragnell" (hand-out).

Hand in draft of character monologue to Dr D in hard copy. Begin work on longer character analysis (contexts, analysis, monologue).

March 10

Chaucer's Retraction, p. 195. Chaucer test. Sir Gawain passage analysis assigned.

Lab: Preliminary demos of image map to incorporate in one HTML project. Record monologues. Powerpoint/audio demo. Frames. Meta tags.

Arthur project demo.

March 15

Spring Break

March 17

Spring Break

March 22

Backgrounds on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, pp. 200-253.  Begin discussion of Sir Gawain. Text analysis essay assignment. Continue work on character analysis.

March 24

Continue discussion of Gawain. Written Gawain passage analysis due (traditional essay assignment). Bring notes, outline, draft of longer character analysis to discuss with Dr D.

Lab: Image map presentations. Save to include in character analysis, Gawain or final project. Last day to record your character monologue. Prep, edit, produce HTML document of monologue, sound and text. Link audio clip to character analysis draft. Conduct site search for character analysis, passage analysis.

March 29

Complete discussion of Gawain. Begin Morte Darthur, pp. 344-362, and other Arthurian legends (handout).

March 31

Continue Arthurian legends. Gawain analysis due.

Continue work on longer character analysis.

Lab: Work on Gawain and longer character analysis in HTML format.

Web board discussions. Paint Shop Pro drawing lesson. Tristan project demo.

IV. Renaissance Drama and Poetry

April 5

Read Norton, 395-413. Begin reading King Lear, pp. 888-967. Backgrounds on Lear. Lear video

Gawain passage analysis essays returned and discussed with Dr D.

April 7

Lear video.

Lab: Complete HTML page for Gawain analysis. Preview date for longer character analysis projects.

Gawain analysis with monologue due next class in HTML and hard copy. Character analysis with all components due in two weeks.

April 12

Lear video.

Selecting scenes for virtual performance. Collect Gawain passage analysis on disk and in hard copy.

April 14

Complete discussions of Lear.

Lab: Demo Gawain (with HTML version), final due date. View longer character analysis projects.

Almost 100 Quotations exercise in HTML format.

April 19

Review Almost 100 Quotations in hard copy for final exam.

Discussion of selected sonnets from Norton. Discussion and groups for final projects.

April 21

Continue text review, readings. Writing workshop. Final project proposals due by e-mail. Review for written examination.

Lab: Show character analysis projects (complete). Final date for character analysis with monologue. Revise and develop final projects. Preview final projects for feedback. Workshop on refining

April 26

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Continue text review, readings.

April 28

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Prep final projects in lab.

May 3

Final examination (written).

May 5

Lab work on final multimedia project in groups.


May 10

Sharing of final group projects. Submit all work for final evaluation in disk and hard copy.

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