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Course Objectives Requirements Reading Schedule Suggested Readings


Abrams, et al., The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol. 1, 6th ed. Required readings on reserve in the library. Students are expected to read all assignments carefully and on time. Some material is difficult and will require extra time and attention. A reading schedule is attached.

CD-ROMs on reserve in the computer room are The Anglo-Saxons: TheMultimedia Learning Guide and Microsoft Art Gallery, The Collection of the National Gallery, London. To use these, contact Nancy Otero, (346-1688 or


Weekly e-mail dialogues with students and professors.

Four graded projects, including research project, + final project developed out of earlier assignments (5-7 pp essay with MLA-style citations, bibliography). Final project: to build a virtual museum or recreate a scene from a play or literary work. Proposals for these may be sent via e-mail to the professors.

Final project: to build a virtual museum or recreate a scene from a play or literary work. Proposals for these are to be sent via e-mail to the professors.

In-class writing assignments and tests on literature.

Rules of grammar and spelling must be applied in all essays. Incorrect grammar and spelling will lower your grade. (It is helpful to consult a dictionary and to bring one with you to class.) Revision of projects is strongly encouraged. Failing projects may be re-written and re-submitted for consideration at the discretion of the professor. All projects, assignments, revisions, and tests must be completed.

Bring an extra disk with you to each class. Most projects are submitted in both hard and HTML (disk) formats. Be sure your disks are labelled with project title, your name, and the date.


Oral reports as well as group analysis and presentations on the readings will be required. The student should be prepared to participate intelligently in each class discussion. Absence without medical excuse will be weighed heavily against the student.

Course Content

Approximately 1 hour of lab work + 3 hours of lecture and discussion per week. Students are required to complete all exercises for in-class discussion.

Evaluation of Grade

Grade will be based on: in-class assignments, class participation (in both the actual and virtual classrooms), tests, and projects. Students are expected to improve over the semester. The final project and final examination will have heaviest weight on the final grade.

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