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Past Projects

Bell Atlantic Foundation Grant

$1,000,000 grant (October 1997 - December 2000) - Provided funding for:

  1. New computer lab at the graduate center
  2. Teacher training - from 1/98 - 12/31/01
    • Focused on integrating the Internet into standards-based curriculum
    • 321 days for 747 teachers; total of 3,034 teacher-days
    • Included workshops developed in conjunction with one district; conference day
    • 16 days subsidized 1-on-1 consultation - 115 teachers
    • Website:
  3. Model partnership with Urban League
    • Helped establish onsite computer lab
    • Twenty-one staff members enrolled in a total of 40 of PCLC's public workshops

Additional K-12 Projects

  1. Worked with New York City Community School District 11 to secure New York State Staff Development Grant to train district teachers to develop project-based online lessons and support implementation of lessons
  2. Worked with White Plains City School District and New Rochelle City School District to secure separate Goals 2000 grants
    • White Plains: provided 1-on-1 inschool support for implementation of technology rich projects
    • New Rochelle: collaborated with district personnel to create workshops to 1) help computer assistant/teacher teams collaboratively develop projects; and, 2) to develop indistrict teacher technology leaders
  3. Worked with Pace School of Education to deliver two 5-day training workshops to 24 teachers in Clarkstown (Rockland County, NY) and to provide onsite support

Additional Programs - Not-for-Profits/community agencies

  1. Partnership with Westchester Community Foundation to provide training for Not-for-profit agency personnel
  2. Northern Metropolitan Health Workforce Consortium grant - provided 1260 student-days (136 workshops) of training to hospital employees from 5 hospitals in Westchester County
  3. NY State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD) contract - in collaboration with Pace's Michaelian Institute and Lubin School
    • Goal: to provide education to agencies run by and serving minority populations to close gaps in their skills in management, accounting and technology
    • Held 25 workshops for a total of 238 student days; also provided follow-up one-on-one consultation onsite
    • Participants came from16 agencies in the NY Capital and Central regions run by a variety of minority populations including Native Americans, Latinos and Afro-Americans


  1. Questionnaire mailed to 650 local Not-For-Profit agencies; 193 (19%) responded
  2. Goals of questionnaire
    • Identification of computer training needs
    • Identification of obstacles to training
    • Identification of computer consulting needs


  • A lack of hardware and networking resources and technical support were frequently cited as problems
  • 85% stated that their employees needed training to use one or more application programs to facilitate the functions of the organization
  • Over 50% indicated that computer training was a high priority for their organizations, with only 10% indicating that they had all the training they needed or had no interest in training
  • Most frequently cited reasons why adequate training had not already taken place were cost (67%) and time constraints (42%)
  • 75% said that they could benefit from consultation to help employees perform specific tasks using computers.

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