Professor of Computer Science

Dr. Anthony Joseph

Interactive Digital Logic Circuits | Course Outline Video Clip | Animation of PC Booting Process
Fall 2015 Courses
CS 506 (Computer Systems and Concepts)
CS 633/388 (Data Communications and Networks)
CS 691 (Computer Science Project I)
Other Courses Taught
CS 634 (Computer Networking and Internet)
CS 232 (Computer Organization)
CS 325/CIT 348 (Data Mining)
CS 398A/IS 690G(Modeling Financial Processes and Systems)
IT 666 (Information Security Management)
CS 371 (Operating System & Architecture I)
CS 397N/CIT 397K (Technology Entrepreneurship)
CS 397D (Financial Computing)
CS 604 (Computer Systems and Concepts)
IT 304 (Network & Internet Security)
CS 637 (Wireless Communications)
CS 398B/CIT 397B (Entrepreneurial Health Informatics)
IT 664 (Computer and Internet Forensics)
CS 603 (Computer Architecture)
CIS 101 (Introduction to Computing: Urban Environment; Downtown; Computing Forensics)