Class OrQuery

  extended by googlesearch.Query
      extended by googlesearch.CompositeQuery
          extended by googlesearch.OrQuery

public class OrQuery
extends CompositeQuery

Represents a query that will find pages that contain the one word OR another (or both). Normally Google requires a page to have all the words in a query as in an AND query.


Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
OrQuery(Query left, Query right)
          Create an OR query.
Method Summary
 java.lang.String buildSearchString(java.util.List<Query> start, java.util.List<Query> finish)
          Used by getSearchString to build up the query string recursively from the parts.
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Constructor Detail


public OrQuery(Query left,
               Query right)
Create an OR query. The words of the left query OR those of the right: "Joseph" OR "Bergin" without requiring both Words. Normally left and right are Simple Queries.

left - the term to the left of the OR logical operator
right - the search term to the right of the operator.
Method Detail


public java.lang.String buildSearchString(java.util.List<Query> start,
                                          java.util.List<Query> finish)
Description copied from class: Query
Used by getSearchString to build up the query string recursively from the parts. Note that the work is done on the unwinding phase of the recursion. Those query fragments that must appear first or last in a query string defer being added to the string until the end, by putting a reference to themselves intoone of the two lists. These lists are then processed at the end after some verification.

Specified by:
buildSearchString in class Query
start - the list of query objects that must come first in a Google query
finish - the list of query objects that must come last in a Google query. e.g. site:
the query string