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Packages that use SearchResultPage
googlesearch This package contains a Google Search API. 

Uses of SearchResultPage in googlesearch

Fields in googlesearch declared as SearchResultPage
static SearchResultPage SearchResultPage.NULL_PAGE
          Represents an empty page.

Methods in googlesearch that return SearchResultPage
 SearchResultPage Query.lucky()
          Return the top ranked page for this result

Methods in googlesearch that return types with arguments of type SearchResultPage
 java.util.List<SearchResultPage> ResultPageStore.get(Query key)
          Retrieve a List of the pages stored associated with this Query
 java.util.List<SearchResultPage> SearchResult.getResultPages()
          Return up to ten result pages in a list.
 java.util.Iterator<java.util.List<SearchResultPage>> ResultPageStore.values()
          Obtain an iterator over the values stored.

Methods in googlesearch with parameters of type SearchResultPage
 void ResultPageStore.put(Query key, SearchResultPage page)
          Insert a page into storage with a query as key.
 void ResultPageStore.remove(Query key, SearchResultPage page)
          Remove a single page from the storage by key.