Joseph Bergin, Ph.D.

Professor of Computer Science


Previous Teaching Positions


Research Interests

I am interested in languages, especially object-oriented languages, patterns, and Extreme Programming.. I am also interested in how students learn. Much of my work involves providing materials for use by those striving to become professionals in computer science.

Other Interests

I am an avid bicyclist and hiker. I also am a great lover of ethnic foods and exotic cultures. Pace University is wonderful because of the rich diversity of its students and its placement in vibrant Manhattan, between Chinatown, Wall Street, and the South Street Seaport.

Personal Website

My personal web site is at

Prof. Bergin at work.
The two unbelievably handsome people below are Ricardo Jimenez-Peris of Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, and myself. The picture was taken in Barcelona in 1996. We were attending ITiCSE '96. Picture of Jimenez-Peris and Bergin in street corner cafe.

With Al Rossi and Anna Armentrout (students) at ITiCSE '99 in Krakow.(Picture of Rossi, Armentrout, and Bergin)

Al and Anna were in Krakow to present their Master's degree research at ITiCSE. Both have now finished their degrees.

(Image of Bergin on horseback)

Studying the horseback riding patterns at ChiliPLoP 2000.

In the Summer of 2001 I was awarded the Neil Harrison Shepherding Award at EuroPLoP 2001. Here I am shown with the official shepherd's staff. Neil is just to my right. Thanks to Amir Raveh for the photos.

(Bergin et al. Image)

Here I'm being congratulated by Frank Buschmann.

(Bergin, Buschmann, et al, image)

(Image of O'Callahan and Bergin)

Professors O'Callahan and Bergin at Kloster Irsee--EuroPLoP 2001. Are we

a) Thinking deep thoughts
b) Saving the world
c) Waiting for the pub to open?

(Image of the pedagogical patterns gang)

Five of the people involved in the Pedagogical Patterns community. Joseph Bergin, Mary Lynn Manns, Helen Sharp, Jutta Eckstein (sitting), and Alan O'Callaghan. Mary Lynn had earned her doctorate the day before. We were meeting at Helen's both as a celebration and to plan for the next actions in pedagogical patterns.

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