OOPSLA 2007 Educators' Symposium

Joe Bergin and Steve Metsker, Co-chairs

Some results and presentations from the symposium will be collected here. It is a work in progress at this time.

The Keynote talk was by Kathy Sierra. Before you can grab their minds, you need to get through to their brains. Can you make polymorphism as "interesting" as a tiger?

Kathy Sierra

Michael Goldwasser presented a paper on object-oriented lists, using Python

He has contributed his slides from the presentation.

Joe Bergin led an Active Learning activity on Introducing Scrum.

Here are some materials that illustrate this. You can also find the more elaborate Extreme Construction

ScrumOnOnePage (rtf)

Instructions for the ScrumMasters (rtf)

Stories for the participants (ppt) I print these four-up on perforated card stock. There are three projects here, with 12 cards each.

Here is a sample shadow box. Pictures from the symposium will appear.

Monster Shadowboxhttp://mati.eas.asu.edu:8421/ChicanArte/unit2/larry/yanez.html

Several people contributed Lightning Talks:

Yvonne Coady, Steven Lonergan (New Kids)

Ed Gehringer

Jim Caristi

Michael Goldwasser

Ernie Ferguson

Dave West

Helen Chavez