Fall 2013 Semester


FYS 199: Social Networks and the Philosophy of Friendship
This first year seminar introduces students to the liberal arts by exploring social networks from many disciplinary perspectives.

CIS 112: Database Concepts
Database Concepts presents the fundamentals of normalization, the relational model, structured query language, and database applications.

CIS 241: Introduction to Data Mining
This course provides students with the necessary background and skills to solve problems with data mining techniques in a variety of disciplines.


Preparing a paper for the Digital Humanities 2014 Conference to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland.


  • Serving on the Student Conduct Board
  • Providing academic advising to 30 students
  • Helping to organize THATCamp Pittsburgh 2013


CoCo Seminar Presentation
October 23rd, 2013

On October 23rd, I will deliver a presentation entitled, Complex Systems in the Arts and Humanities, to the Collective Dynamics of Complex Systems research group at Binghamton University.

NITLE Seminar Presentation
October 15th, 2013

On October 15th, I will lead a seminar entitled, Networks and the Liberal Arts, for members of the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education.

THATCamp Pittsburgh
October 5th - 6th, 2013

THATCamp Pittsburgh is a regional (un)conference for digital humanists. THATCamp provides a forum for people interested in digital humanities to share information in an informal setting.

Photo of Thomas Lombardi


Dr. Thomas Lombardi is an assistant professor of Computing and Information Studies at Washington and Jefferson College. He studies networks and their application to the arts and humanities.