Further Celebration at Heorot
(pgs. 48-50)

Beowulf : Further Celebration at Heorot

In Further Celebration at Heorot, Beowulf speaks about his experience fighting Grendel's mother under water. He tells Hrothgar that Hrunting is a good sword, but it was ineffective in fighting Grendel's mother. With the help of God , Beowulf has found a sword and uses it to fight with Grendel's mother. . Once he kills her, the blade of the sword melts. All that is left is the handle which is described as "...sword guard of bright gold.....its hilt twisted and ornamented with snakes."(3.3) Beowulf also brings Grendel's head as the evidence of his glory. He gives comfort to the people of Heorot and tells them that now they can sleep with no fear. Beowulf says that fate and God have also helped him . Here we find a Christian element that is consistent throughout this passage, the belief in God. Then Hrothgar takes over and tells how peacefully they lived until Grendel and Grendel's mother invaded their territory. His people then lived in terror and in fear of them. Since Beowulf has become a hero, Hrothgar tells a story about Heremod, a king who let his pride and ambition take over and ends living in misery. He advises Beowulf not to be like the wretched and greedy king for he will die alone and miserably.
Hrothgar gives Beowulf a speech about guarding against hubris. Hrothgar uses Heremod as an example of what happens when pride overtakes a king. He also advises Beowulf to be generous to his people and to serve them as a role model.
Hrothgar says that for many years, he has been ruler of the Danes, protecting his people against many nations. He has lived a happy and peaceful life. Consequently, his joy turns into deep sadness because the enemy, Grendel, invades his territory. He suffers immensely because of Grendel tormenting him and his people. No one is able to defeat him. Nonetheless, he also thanks God for letting him live long enough to see Grendel's demise. He then takes Beowulf to his seat and tells him to enjoy the feast. For the first time in many years, Hrothgar and the people of Heorot can rest without fear. Hrothgar also tells Beowulf that he will compensate him the next day. On the other hand, Beowulf is very satisfied with himself because he has given the people back their peace, not having to experience such fear anymore. It is the first peaceful night in many years. The next day with the sunrise, the warriors are ready to take off. Before his departure, Beowulf returns the sword to Unferth and thanks him for lending it to him. The next day Beowulf and the rest of the Geats prepare themselves to go back home.