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In 2001, Pace University’s Center for Community Outreach launched an initiative bringing together members of the not-for-profit community to share their experiences dealing with information technology. The Center enlisted local community leaders including the United Way - Pace Not-for-Profit Management Center to organize a forum this issue. The forum, held at Pace University, included presentations from both national and local experts and attracted over 70 participants. The response to the event was overwhelmingly positive. However, feedback from participants clearly indicated that the forum only scratched the surface on the subject. Forum planners, participants, and other interested community leaders continued to meet after the forum to investigate ways to support dialogue about not-for-profit technology use in the local area. The Westchester Not-for-Profit Technology Council was founded in June 2002 as an outgrowth of these meetings.

In 2005, Verizon provided a $25,000 grant to Pace University and to the WNTC for a project entitled: Providing Current and Timely Technology Information to Westchester County Not-for-Profits. The Verizon Grant allowed the Council to conduct a technology needs assessment study. The results are helping focus the Council's response to the technology needs of the not-for-profit community in Westchester. In addition, the Council also hosted a Not-for-Profit Technology Forum on October 2005. There was an excellent response from the many not-for-profits who attended.

In 2006, the Council worked to match volunteers with not-for-profits in need of technology assistance. A number of not-for-profits have had web sites created through this program, which has continued during 2007. Also during 2006 and 2007, the Council has been providing affordable technology training for not-for-profits in collaboration with Pace University.

In 2007, the Council started a series of technology workshops at breakfast and lunch time, presenting different topics of interest for not-for-profits. Once more, Verizon provided a $5,000 grant to WNTC to continue providing technology information and assistance to Westchester County Not-for-Profits.

In 2008, on behalf of WNTC, Pace University received a $10,000 grant from Westchester County and a $10,000 grant from Chase Bank to assist not-for-profits with technology. WNTC sponsored two workshops at the Not-for-Profit Leadership Summit in May: "Using Technology to Advance Your Mission" and "Taking Technology - and My Organization - to the Next Level". During the Fall, a successful Third Technology Forum took place with the theme "Web 2.0: New Ways to Meet Your Organization's Mission and Goals". Through out the year we provided low-cost training on different software applications and continued our quarterly Breakfast Bytes.

During 2009 we were busy. In March we held a Breakfast Bytes workshop on how to choose between Excel and Access. Also, in March and April, low-cost training in specific areas of Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint were presented successfully. In mid-May, WNTC sponsored two workshops at the Not-for-Profit Leadership Summit VII: "How Not-for-Profits Can Succeed On-Line" and "Harnessing Social Networking for Nonprofit Success". During late May and early June we again offered low-cost pc training. Check our Resources page for more information.

In 2010 we continued offering low-cost training in Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. We also sponsored a workshop at the Not-for-Profit Leadership Summit VIII: "Using the Web and Social Media to Advance Your Mission and Enhance Fundraising".