Package alice.kareltherobot

Class Summary
Beeper Represents a beeper in the world.
Direction Directions are responsible for knowing how a robot should turn and how it should move.
InfiniteBeepers A class of objects representing infinitely many beepers on a corner.
InvisibleCameraTarget Has no visible representation in the world, but if you create one of these and add it to the world, your camera can follow it.
KarelWorld A basis for creating worlds in which robots may perform tasks.
RemoteControl Instantiating this class will create a robot and a remote control panel to control it.
Robot The Robot subclass of UrRobot can also sense its world.
UrRobot A UrRobot can carry out the five basic operations: move, turnLeft, pickBeeper, putBeeper, and turnOff.
Wall Wall objects in the robot world.
WorldBuilder A world builder is a dialog with facilities for manipulating all aspects of a world.