CS835 - Data and Document Representation & Processing

Exam 1 Content and Readings


Closed book and note exam

Multiple choice and short answer.



Lectures 1, 3, and 4. But NO XML



History of Hypermedia

As We May Think - Vannevar Bush

Reading and Writing the Electronic Book - Yankelovich, Meyrowitz and van Dam.

A Survey of Hypertext - Jeff Conklin

State of the Art Review on Hypermedia Issues And Applications      PDF

Dexter Model

The Dexter Hypertext Reference Model          PDF

Amsterdam Model = Dexter + Time

Adding Time and Context to the Dexter Model           PDF

Hypertext Abstract Machine

HAM: a general purpose hypertext abstract machine PDF

The Significance of Linking    PDF

Intermedia: The Concept and the Construction of a Seamless Information Environment         PDF

Expanding the Notion of Links            PDF

The microcosm link service    PDF

Reflections on NoteCards: seven issues for the next generation of hypermedia systems         PDF