k-ary tree integer sequences by Cha

k-ary tree typesfunctionsUnaryBinaryTernary
Combinatoricsk-ary tree factorial [1] A000142 A052129 A123851
Complete treessum of inclusive heights [2] A000217 A005187 A127427
sum of exclusive heights [2] A000217 A011371 A213512
Size Blanaced treessum of inclusive heights [2] - A213508 A213513
sum of exclusive heights [2] - A213209 A213514
Null Blanaced treessum of inclusive depths [2] - A001855 A213510
sum of exclusive depths [2] - A061168 A213511
Parity based Divide and
Conquer tree [3]
fogk(n) - A215673
Parity based leave one out
Divide and Conquer tree [3]
f'ogk(n) - A215675

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