Since my background is Computer Science, part of what I am interested in is the design and analysis of algorithms in Pattern Recognition such as Connected component, Chain code, Clustering, pattern matching, nearest neighbors, etc.
These problems can be realized as a part of Computational Geometry. Another main area of interest is Similarity measure. Objects to be matched can be various in type. Amongst, I have suggested solutions to star, linear, tree, and angular type histograms and character similarity.
Finally, I was involved in a challenging project, "Handwriting Verification and Identification", which was granted a U.S. Patent in 2009. My mission is to provide the objective algorithmic approach to the HI problem.

Research Interest


  • Data Mining
  • Pen Computing
  • Document Analysis & Recognition
  • Handwriting Recognition
  • Image Indexing & Retrieval

Former Students

  • Former doctorate students
    • Dr. Chris Nwosisi 2008 (Montefiore Medical Center) - Predicting Deep Venous Thrombosis
    • Dr. Seungseok Choi 2008 (KSEA) - Binary Proximity Measures
    • Dr. Carl Abrams 2006 (IBM) - Shape Matching
    • Dr. Sheb Bishop 2005 (UNF)- Pottery Shape Recognition
    • Dr. Mary L Manfredi 2005 - Copybook Handwriting Style Determination
    • Dr. Tom Lombardi 2005 (eScholar) - Fine Art Recognition
    • Dr. Kwang Lee 2003 (Verizon) - Feature Selection
  • Former master students
    • Mike Gibbon 2005 (IBM) - Biometric Identification
    • Bill Huber 2004 (IBM) - Pen computing
    • Seungseok Choi 2004 (Pace) - IRIS biometric
    • Ian Stuart 2004 - Spam detection
    • Eduardo Hart 2004 - Flag Recognition
    • Naresh Trilok 2004 - Voice individuality
    • Melissa Carroll 2003 (PhD student at Princeton) - Bioinformatics
    • Julian Chen 2003 - Forgery detection
    • Arthur Evans 2003 - Interactive Visual System

Professional Services

Conference Committee


Previous Projects

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