Some Reflections on the Season

Adjunct of the Month

A Few Reflections for the Season

--by Dessa David

At the beginning of the semester I knew nothing
about computers, but today, I am competent in
the use of computers: Lotus, Paradox, E-mail..."
Steeve, Fall 1995

Dessa's PictureDuring the last week of this semester, I have heard various versions of this statement. As a young adjunct instructor, advancing my career in Computer Science, such comments help to reassure me that I have indeed choosen the right profession.

Following completion of my graduate degree the dynamic world of information systems opened up its many branches. It was an extremely difficult task trying to figure out which one of these branches I should climb.

My love for teaching and challenge led me to accept an adjunct position within the City University System. The Department of Statistics and CIS provides an environment with an array of qualified faculty members which any professional will be proud to be a part of. As I continue advancing my career, I look forward to making greater contributions not only to the student population but to anyone I may encounter.

To the student population: "There are many paths that lead to the sky, but one of the paths that allow me to leave my footprints is by being an educator."

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanzaa. I look forward to Spring 1996.

P.S. I reply to all mail.

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Starting this issue, we’ll feature a pen-picture of an adjunct in each edition. Just a little recognition for a job well done. This month's featured adjunct is:

Marva David

Marva's PictureAn adjunct lecturer at Baruch since Fall 1993, Marva has conducted classes in Business Computer Information Systems, Networking and Operating Systems, both on the graduate and undergraduate level.

Marva graduated from Baruch College, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Computer Systems, completed a Master in Computer Science at Brooklyn College, and is at present pursuing the PhD. in Computer Science at the CUNY Gradute Center. Her specialty is Network Security.

Marva has been characterized by many as a good role model for all students. Against all odds, she came to New York from Trinidad, in 1983, embarked on a career that she truly loved, and has single-handedly put herself through college. She would like to continue extensive research in Computer Security, and one day - hopefully - be world reknowned in this field.

Marva likes to spend her spare time reading, surfing the Internet, and when the occasion arises, she likes to sew.

You can e-mail Marva either at her Baruch Address or via her Internet Provider..

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