Well . . we're networked! That's probably the biggest news this semester. Our CIS web page has been up since last summer, built and maintained by Michael Palley, who is also very much involved in the School of Business web effort.

Our proposal to CUNY's Graduate Research Initiative for a Decision Support Laboratory - submitted jointly with the Management Department - was approved. The Lab will be located on the 3rd floor of the 26th Street building and should be operational this Spring. Kudos to Elsie Gottlieb and Emre Veral (Management) for their fine work.

We have acquired two mobile multimedia computers for classroom use. We also expect to acquire some external CD-ROM drives and some new printers. B. Loerinc Helft has donated a VCR.

We are preparing to collaborate with the Marketing Department on a program in Direct Marketing.

Thanks, Bea, for the terrific job on our faculty lounge, which now doubles as a comfortable meeting room.

The number of undergraduate CIS majors has gone up once again, now over the 1,000 mark. At the same time, although we weathered the 1995 CUNY budget crisis class sizes continue to grow, and more bad news is expected this year. The good news is that we are recruiting. Al Croker heads our CIS recruitment effort once again this year.

Lucy Garnett is back from her Sabbatical; Dorothy Dologite returns from hers in the Spring. Ann Brandwein and Mabel Yu are currently both on a Sabbatical year. David Stephan has been filling in for Mabel on a part-time basis.

And, of course, we must say a fond farewell to three valued colleagues. Pat DiPillo and Sylvain Ehrenfeld retire at the end of this academic year, and Vincent Skdurna retired over the Summer. They will be sorely missed.

My very best wishes to all of you for a happy and healthy holiday season, an enjoyable and productive January intersession, and a bearable New York City winter.

Regards, Linda

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