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If you feel like watching an heroic movie, we recommend an eighth century work, Beowulf. This is a war story about possibly the greatest hero before Superman, Beowulf. Its main character Beowulf is a superhero. He is the greatest warrior ever, possibly because the story was passed for generations by word of mouth and could gain some more interesting details as it was passed along. Beowulf fights dragons and monsters, but although he is so tough monster-exterminator, he is gentle and kind to his people.

In the movie of the "Wife of Bath," we will take you on a virtual pilgrimage with The Wife of Bath, who becomes popular in films made by the director Geoffrey Chaucer in his Canterbury Tales(1386-1400). This movie shows us an interesting pilgrimage, in which the participants are from various parts of fourteenth-century society. It shows what the people of that time did. It also criticizes the corruption of the Church; however, you will not find this critique in his work since Geoffrey Chaucer never criticizes anybody openly. He uses irony in order to create a good image of a person and then reveals some details that change our perception of that character. After all the pilgrims are introduced, he advises audiences to be cautious: "forgive me if I say it didn't really happen" (Norton, 97).

The greatest movie "SGGK" (Sir Gawain and the Green Knight), by an unknown author (ca. 1375-1400), would easily win an Oscar if only Steven Spielberg took it in hand. It is a very interesting story, for it has action, which really grabs people's attention. Gawain takes a challenge from the Green Knight and a year later, his knightly code is challenged: he can either save his life by keeping a magic belt, or keep his word and give it to the host as he promised. What will Gawain do? You will find out in this movie.

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