Beowulf is now about to lose...

Beowulf was a great warrior in the land of the Danes and Geats. He defeated Grendel and Grendel's Mother early in his life. Fifty years have passed and Beowulf was eighty. As a payment to the king of the Danes he decided to fight the Dragon. The Dragon was in possession of a great treasure which he found buried in a cave. One day a man tried to take a cup away from the Dragon in order to free himself from the crime of killing his brother.

Beowulf decided to fight the Dragon even though he was old. His pride and warrior code would not let him chicken out of a battle. The sword he decided to use was Naegling (Borrowed from the king). The Dragon was fire-breathing and melted the sword causing Beowulf to battle without a weapon. The blood of the Dragon was poisonous and when he did bite Beowulf, he died. Wiglaf went back to fight the Dragon and later was sent back to the cave to get some of the treasure he won over for Beowulf. Before he dies Beowulf orders a barrow to be made in his name and then names Wiglaf the new King of the Geats.

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