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A Cognitive Architecture for a Mobile Robot

ADAPT is a robotic cognitive architecture, based on the RS language developed by Damian Lyons of Fordham University. RS is a language for programming concurrent, distributed sensory-motor schemas, and provides the high-level abstractions for ADAPT. The cognitive substrate of ADAPT is the Soar cognitive architecture.

The ADAPT project has been funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy, and is a collaboration among Prof. Benjamin of Pace University, Prof. Damian Lyons of Fordham University and Prof. Deryle Lonsdale of Brigham Young University.

Here are some papers on ADAPT.

Check out some video clips.

We are integrating Soar with PhysX, which is the basis for the robot's internal world model. PhysX gives the robot a dynamic world model with sophisticated 3D graphics and a physics engine.

Intelligent Agents for Network Security

We are applying multiscale methods to detect anomalous behaviors in networks. This research project addresses the need for new analytical methods in cybersecurity. We are investigating the application of modern methods of nonlinear analysis from the behavioral sciences to analyze attackers' behavior as a complex behavioral system. This project is funded by the Army Research Office.

We have previously developed VMSoar, which is an autonomous agent for network security analysis, which monitors a network and learns to project its future behavior.

Here is an overview paper on VMSoar.

We have collaborated with BBN Technologies in a DARPA-funded project to develop an intelligent agent to defend against internal cybersecurity threats.

Here is an overview paper on the BBN project.

An Intelligent Soar Assistant for a Virtual World

Abe Guerra has built an assistant for IBM's virtual world. His agent uses Soar to reason about what a user needs and guides the user through the virtual world. The assistant interacts with the user through typed natural language commands, and can also assist with commands for using the virtual world interface.

Here is an introductory paper on his project. There is also a movie of his agent navigating and a movie of his agent assisting a customer.

A Soar Agent for Playing Poker

Bob Follek has implemented an architecture for an autonomous poker player. His SoarBot uses Soar to play poker with the poker server set up by the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group. Bob can be reached at

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