Dr. Mosley
Full Professor

Goldstein Academic Center
Pleasantville, Room 322
E-mail : pmosley@pace.edu
Voice Mail : 914-773-3986
Fax : 914-773-3930

Office Hours:
Mon. 11-1 & Thurs. 10-1
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      My teaching philosophy stems from over twenty years of teaching experience, nine of which have been in the corporate sector. My teaching strategies have gone beyond information delivery to retention sensitivity as I help students make the transition from high school to college. Recently, my teaching has evolved to include writing and civic components. Students learn how to pose interesting questions, how to access relevant information, and how to integrate conflicting data into a coherent body of knowledge. In doing so, students learn not only the answer but the process by which the answer is obtained and thereby share in the sense of discovery that is the beauty of technology.

      Spring Semester 2013

        • Web Design For Non-Profit Organizations
        • Problem Solving Using LEGO Robotics
        • Internet and Network Security
        • Introduction To Computers


      Courses Taught

        • Programming I (Java)
        • Programming I - Writing Enhanced
        • Programming II
        • Introduction To Computing
        • Introduction To Computing - Learning Community With English 120
        • Introduction To Computing - Honors Section
        • Computers For Human Empowerment
        • Web Design For Non-Profit Organizations
        • Spreadsheet Applications For Microcomputers - Online Course
        • Problem Solving Using LEGO Robotics